Our Focus

Confidence: practicing our public speaking skills with members of the group and strangers

Awareness: becoming more conscious of our own and other people’s thoughts and feelings. Not running away from them but learning how to deal with them

Empathy: accepting other people’s point of view and put ourselves in their situation 

Creativity: Thinking outside of the box and working in a team to create unique experiences

Our Members

Passionate: Strongly wanting to improve ourselves mentally

Brave: getting out of our comfort zone with the chance of failure, but open to learn from our mistakes

Kind: Accepting ourselves and others. The willingness to create a positive experience for everyone involved

Honest: embracing our differences and not being afraid to share them with the world


Improve Confidence

Practice public speaking skills with members of the group and strangers


Raise Awareness

Become more conscious of our own and other people’s thoughts and feelings 

Develop Creativity

Think outside of the box and work in a team to create unique experiences

Deepen Friendships

Accept other people’s point of view and put ourselves in their situation 



With active practice we want to mentally improve ourselves


We want to push ourselves out of our comfort zones with the chance of failure, but the willingness to learn from our mistakes


We accept ourselves and the others around us. We focus on creating a positive experience for everyone involved


We embrace our differences and are not afraid to share them with the world


Social Challenges

In this event we practice doing challenges that are out of our comfort zone. We have a list of challenges to pick from, or you can come up with your own ideas. After doing challenges in pairs we regroup to share our experiences.

Social Drawing Circle

The event contains a variety of small games and exercises that allow you to consciously draw your thoughts and emotions and connect with others in an original way. (Online)


Words and Motion

In this event we are going on a journey through our words and motions, and maybe even a bit of emotion. We’re going to play games and fun exercises to get us into a shared creative mood. (Online)

Conversations with Strangers

In this event we will prepare a variety of exercises to practice our speaking and listening skills, and try to work on our personal fears together. The aim is to create a positive experience for everyone. 

Let's Be Honest Together

In this event we will be practicing being honest with each other by doing some exercises based on honesty and connection. (Online)


It's Debatable

In this event we will practice some useful skills while we engage in debates and other exercises to disagree with one another. This event is aimed at beginners who want to improve their skills in areas like confidence, assertiveness or public speaking. (Online)



I started doing comfort zone challenges at the end of 2017 to improve my confidence and overcome my fears. This led to me starting a meetup group to continue improving and help others along the way. This has proven to be one of the best things I have ever done, allowing me to meet incredible people while organising events with my friends and having so much fun at the same time. It has also enabled me to conquer some of my own fears and continue to push myself to grow as a human being. I believe learning is a life-long journey and amazing things can happen when we step outside our comfort zones!
Daniel portrait
I joined the group in begin 2019, to meet people and improve my communication skills. Here I met like-minded people, who also used to be shy, but were also very curious about people. I realised that the moments I felt truly alive in life is when I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and connected in a positive and honest way with people. I enjoy brainstorming with like-minded people to create positive events, where we dig deeper in our creative consciousness and help others. I am thankful for all members of the ISF, who gave me unforgettable experiences. I look forward to learning more about myself and other people.
When I was young I was chronically shy, I had trouble socialising.
This caused me to be interested in things that helped me in this area. I began to do public speaking, stand up comedy, and laughter yoga, to improve. One day I went to a new meetup event called 'Rejection therapy', where we had to do challenges. We would say and do activities out of the ordinary. This is where I met Daniel, and Marise. Today we do social challenges every Saturday. Where we help people to move 1% outside their comfort zone by doing challenges appropriate to their level. I hope to see you on a Saturday when you have an hour to spend.
After being a meetups.com fanatic and connoisseur for many years, I can be confident in how strongly I recommend the Introverted Social Fitness events. I always leave beaming, full of optimism and feeling that I've reconnected with a tribe of like-minded individuals. It's great to go somewhere and have your presence valued, being really listened to but also balancing things out with really imaginative group games and exercises to get you out of your comfort zone. It's clear that the organizers put a huge amount of thought into how to make the evenings engaging, challenging, and fun. They always take feedback on board and endeavor to make it better every week. The ISF has all the warm embrace of a support group, the lightheartedness of a night out with your mates, and the feeling of genuine personal growth and expansion you get after a professional self-development weekend retreat. Every week I'm impressed by how they manage to attract such an eclectic, interesting, group of people with such sincere and positive energy. Even in a big city, it can be a bit of a challenge to find somewhere you feel you can really be yourself.
A year ago I conducted research dedicated to Culture shock. It is an experience a person may have when one moves to a cultural environment, different from one's own. My research contained questions about: mental well being, having friends among the local population, feeling integrated into Irish society, etc. The adaptation process to a new environment consists of 5 different stages: honeymoon, depression, adaptation, autonomy, and integration. I joined different events of ISF in February 2020 and I can say that this action helped me reach the integration stage. I had social anxiety towards native speakers and it significantly decreased thanks to regular communication with people from the ISF during the last months. Here you can share your opinion and experience a secure and non-judgmental atmosphere. Also, you can get new viewpoints that will enrich you. I am happy to be a part of this group and meet all participants. Events which are created by Daniel and Marise are a real contribution to social inclusion and diversity in Ireland.
The ISF has helped me to freely express my thoughts, opinions and feelings within a group-setting in a safe and supportive environment. One of the things that I love most about the ISF is the vast array of activities that we do. If you are interested in improving yourself, meeting lots of like-minded people and making new friends then there's sure something of interest to you. I thoroughly enjoy the different forms that the activities take such as dancing, debating, drawing and discussing various topics. I feel a key aspect is how we express ourselves in many different forms not only by speaking but also by body expression.
I joined ISF in January 2020 because I wanted to overcome my social anxiety. I was apprehensive about joining but I was made to feel very welcome in the group. I really enjoy all the events, they are always uplifting and I feel encouraged to push the boundaries of my comfort zone. Marise and Daniel are very creative and they make each event a unique experience. I am so glad I joined ISF. I have met some great people and I feel more confident in all areas of my life.


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